Action Netball

Action Indoor Netball is fast, fun, easy to learn, and based on the traditional outdoor sport. The rules have been modified to allow for the fact that the game is being played not only indoors, but also within fully tensioned nets that add to the excitement of each game.

Action Newmarket offers 3 Indoor Netball formats, these being 6 aside, 7 aside and new and exciting ACTION 5s.


Action Netball competitions are open to Mixed and Womens, Adult and Junior teams.

All competitions are graded and teams are placed according to their overall team’s abilities.


Action Newmarket offers 3 seasons per year:

AUTUMN – March to July 
WINTER –    July to November
SUMMER – November to March

Each season consists of 16 games and should your team qualify these are followed by semi finals and grand finals for each grade.

Playing Days And Times

Action Netball is available 7 days a week, Monday through to Sunday, teams choose their preferred playing days and times and we endeavour to accommodate these preferences wherever possible.

Match Fees

At Action Newmarket all teams have a choice of Pay As You Play or Pay Up Front for the entire season, teams that choose this option receive a discounted rate.

Information Packs and Team Registrations

You will find more detailed competition information along with Stadium Policy and Pricing along with team registration forms under the banner “Register Your Team”

Indoor Netball

Junior Indoor Netball

Are You Ready to get into the Action?

We have new seasons starting regularly throughout the year, and grades for teams of all skill and experience levels. What are you waiting for? Get into the Action now!