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Whilst competitions are conducted most evenings, our facilities are also available for hire on a casual or regular basis. All required equipment is supplied participants just need to arrive in sporting attire and start having fun!

Social Groups

With the range of sports and facilities available, Action Indoor Sports Taranaki is an ideal venue for all sorts of social groups. Youth groups, sporting clubs, parents associations and others can enjoy healthy and fun activities in a safe and comfortable environment.

School Activities

During school hours, Action Indoor Sports Taranaki is available for school sports programmes. Sports available to school groups include cricket, football, netball, dodgeball. We can cater for inter-school competitions, weekly PE classes, house sports days' and end of term break-ups. Equipment is supplied, coaches or referees can be arranged, introductory sessions can be conducted and fixturing can be provided with an online results service.

Corporate Functions

Successful businesses require motivated and energetic people focusing together on shared goals. Action Indoor Sports Taranaki can help companies accelerate the team building process with games that promote equal participation by all players.

Full corporate days, lunchtime & after work events, inter-company competitions or regular social games can be arranged. Activities can be conducted before, after or instead of a meeting bar facilities are available to finish off the event.



Casual Court Hire

Just want to have a run around with the family or friends? Casual court hire is often available for Indoor Cricket, Netball, Football and Beach Volleyball, Dodgeball and Netball bookings. Just organise a few friends, make a booking, put on your t-shirt and runners and come on down!


We offer:


Indoor Cricket, Football, Netball, Dodgeball, MultiSports combination of sports


Umpires and all equipment

Discounted Rates


Action Indoor Sports will organise your Social Work Tournament or Function at a time that suits you! Just let us know the number of people, what sport, day and time!


Indoor Sports are low impact and non contact, so they can be enjoyed by both males and females of any age! Indoor sports are played in any weather, night or day, and are sun safe!



Accelerated Team Building

Activities That Build

Corporate Fitness


Be a Leader!

Get Off the Couch


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