Action Netball

Action Indoor Sports Stadiums are the most modern and professionally administered indoor sports venues of their type in New Zealand.

Waitakere Action Indoor Netball is fast, fun, easy to learn, and based on the traditional outdoor sport. However, the rules have been modified slightly to allow for the fact that the game is being played not only indoors, but also within fully tensioned nets that add to the excitement of each game.

We hope you decide to accept the challenge and enter your team and we look forward to welcoming you to the ACTION!

Summer League:          November to March
Autumn League:           March to July
Winter League:             July to November

Competitions :

Indoor Netball 6s

6 aside Indoor Netball is a fast-paced version of the traditional game modified for play on the indoor court.

There are 3 playing positions, Attack, Centre & Defence, each with defined zones of play. Extra points are awarded for goals shot from outside the circle.

Mixed teams have a maximum of three male players on the court at all times, and two male players may not occupy the same position.


Playings Days

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday


Monday to Thursday - $72.00 per team per game
Friday & Sunday - $60 per team per game


Playings Days



$72.00 per team per game

Are You Ready to get into the Action?

We have new seasons starting regularly throughout the year, and grades for teams of all skill and experience levels. What are you waiting for? Get into the Action now!